The hottest home remodeling trends for 2012 include a variety of improvements from inside a closet to the great outdoors. Remodeling your surroundings can add new life to your home that can easily translate into a huge marketing advantage if it is time to sell.

New Technology

New investments in technology have homeowners adding innovative features that control lights, temperature, appliances, music and more. With just the touch of a button, or the swipe of a finger on a touchscreen, new technology in the home tops the list of remodeling trends for the year.

Going Green

Many homeowners are choosing environmentally friendly remodeling projects for their home, including energy-efficient upgrades. Simple improvements include changing all of the traditional bulbs in the house to LED light bulbs. Other households are replacing poor performing air conditioner/heat pump units with high SEER rated efficiency units, to save money while helping the environment.

Going Bare

Carpets are quickly becoming outdated. Homeowners are going bare by replacing carpeting with hardwood, tile or laminate. As a green alternative, there are eco-friendly options including recycled materials, bamboo and cork.

Getting Things Organized

Families are simplifying their surrounding environment by remodeling their basements, garages and closets with serious organizing upgrades. Fully furnishing the basement, installing built-in closet shelving and installing full kitchen cabinet overhauls minimize the clutter and provide a more enjoyable interior living space.

Take It Outside

A huge outdoor remodeling trend for 2012 is expanding the back porch or deck to accommodate more seating and dining. Homeowners are adding quality built-in grills, and installing elaborate fireplaces and fire pits. With the addition of better lighting, they enjoy their outdoor amenities well into the night.

Making the Old New Again

With the huge surge of baby boomers making their way toward retirement, the demand for remodeling contractors is on the rise. Many older homeowners are choosing to modify their home to match their age. Empty nesters are remodeling their kitchens to optimize their beauty and functionality, along with transforming their bedrooms into luxury suites. Many retired homeowners are electing to stay at their present location, and upgrading the essential parts of the interior.

The Trending Colors

The year 2012 brings with it colorful, visually appealing accents that include darker hues of yellows, greens and blues. Making a more dramatic statement, this year's colors are perfect for selling the home or building the perfect living space for the long haul.