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1. Lennox Furnaces

Lennox has been around for well over a century; the company introduced the first riveted-steel furnace in 1895 and they have been going strong ever since. They offer a variety of products, from furnaces to air conditioners. Within the Lennox line are a number of sub-brands, including the Dave Lennox Signature Collection, Lennox Elite Series, and the Lennox Merit Series.

Some of their most popular furnaces are their dual fuel systems. They incorporate both a gas furnace and an electric heat pump. These systems can easily alternate between electric and gas, depending on the needs of the owner. The furnaces are very efficient.

2. Carrier Furnaces

Carrier, one of the most well-known brands for heating and air, has been in business since 1902 when Dr. Willis H. Carrier invented air conditioning. Today, they remain very popular and have a large line of products to help people heat their homes.

Carrier offers a variety of gas and oil furnace systems, so customers will certainly be able to find the perfect furnace for their home's need. Their Infinity 96 Furnace is highly efficient, as are all of the products provided by Carrier. The Infinity 96 is also quiet and durable, which makes it a perfect furnace for many homes.

3. Goodman Furnaces

The Goodman Manufacturing Company opened its doors in 1975, and has been creating and improving on furnace designs since. The company, founded by Harold Goodman, has a belief that they should provide their customers with low cost, high quality equipment with some of the best warranties in the business.

Goodman provides both standard and high efficient gas furnaces. They slowly increase the heat in your home rather than turning the furnace on at full bore, which is not only food for the system but also good for the energy bill. They offer a variety of furnaces to fit most budgets.

4. Trane Furnaces

One of the most popular brands of furnace on the market today is Trane. They offer single stage and two-stage gas furnaces. They also have oil furnaces if the customer prefers those to gas. Whatever the need, customers will likely be able to find a furnace that fits the needs of his or her home.

All of their furnaces are efficient, meaning that the customer will save money while heating their homes. The furnaces are durable, and they are quiet, unlike many clunky furnaces of the past. They provide a steady flow of warm are through the home, which keeps everyone comfortable not matter the weather outside.

5. Bryant Furnaces

In 1904, Charles Bryant created what would become one of the most recognized companies in the air and heating business. They are still going strong today, and they have a number of consumer pleasing products, including gas and oil furnaces.

Bryant offers solutions to heating the home through gas, as well as through oil. The system a customer chooses simply depends on the needs and preferences of the homeowner. Customers can choose from the Legacy Line, Preferred Series, Evolution Series, and others. The furnaces all offer a good measure of efficiency and will do a good job of keeping heating cost down.

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